Chaucer's Society in Canterbury Tales

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Chaucer's society represents every social class. In doing so, it shows what it takes to actually make a society function. The different people carry different stories to share. These stories carry lessons learned in hopes of sharing them with others so that they may not end up in the same predicaments. After all, that is the main point of sharing stories, isn't it? In the Nun and Priest's tale, a story of never trusting a flatterer is told. The Pardoner tries to sell indulgences to the pilgrims after he told them he cheats them. Love Conquers all is a main staple of the Prioress. He archetypes this as a quest on which the pilgrims set out upon a quest to their holy site to gain spiritual benefits. Another part of the archetype would be…show more content…
He found a new place of residence with a companion who enjoyed gambling and drinking also. His new companion's wife owned a shop in order to keep up appearances, but in all honesty was a prostitute. This story shows how someone can be so fake and yet the public sees them as the epitome of perfection. The wife of bath's tale is one in which a woman tells of her five husbands and how husbands should obey their wife to the utmost extent. In the Monk's tale, Chaucer is deliberately making fun of the way his society functions. He is constantly bringing up the ridiculousness of the situations. The monks could not live without their extravagant clothing or accessories. To begin this tale, Chaucer tells the tales of Lucifer and Adam: two men who started off in paradise but ended up in Hell. Sampson's tale is explaining how he was not so perfect when he told his secret to his wife. She then passed it on to his enemies and found a new husband. Samson slaughtered 1,000 men with an ass's jawbone, then prayed for God to quench his thirst. Out of no where, a well sprouted from the jawbone's tooth. If it weren't for him telling Delilah his strength came from him being too stubborn to cut his hair, he would have taken over the world. Now without his strength, it allowed for Samson's enemies cut out his eyes and imprison him. Being held captive drove him so crazy that he knocked down the temple he was in, killing
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