Chaucer's The General Prologue Essay

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Chaucer's The General Prologue Chaucer-the pilgrim starts out “The General Prologue” with detailed descriptions of each pilgrim as he views them. When Chaucer-the pilgrim arrives at the Pardoner, he becomes very focused on his physical appearance and what is seems to be missing. There is something odd about this Pardoner and Chaucer-the pilgrim can’t seem to grasp just what that is. He describes that the Pardoner is all on fire to do is job, just arriving from Rome (Bretful of pardon, come from Rome al hoot). However, his eagerness to Pardon those for God does not help his physical appearance in any respect. Chaucer-the pilgrim describes his voice as that of a high-pitched goat and points out that he has no facial hair and will…show more content…
Putting together his femininely smooth, boyish appearance with the neutered animal pushes the emphasis on the Pardoner’s ambiguous sexuality. This description of the Pardoner through Chaucer-the pilgrim’s eyes reaffirms the other pilgrims’ idea of him. His character is that of a gentle yet pompous boy, who spends much time on his own appearance, especially his hair. The Pardoner seems to attempt to market himself as a young bachelor in front of his fellow travelers but the attempt fails miserably. When he interrupts the Wife of Bath’s prologue to say, “I’m getting married soon, tell me what to do to find a good wife,” he further alienates himself from the group instead of redeeming himself as a funny person. His interruption comes off more as a need for others to see him as desirable by a female. Another odd quality of his character is his confession of his own sinfulness. The Pardoner commits this grievous rhetorical fault in trying to gain their pride. The other characters don’t need to announce, “These are my sins,” because we find out through their story what that character is like. However, the Pardoner has to announce his sins in hope of finding a connection with the other pilgrims, for his story does not explain his character at all. In fact, it revolts his fellow travelers because the
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