Essay on Chavez: Weakening Democracy

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What is democracy? According to the online version of the Miriam Webster dictionary, democracy is "government by the people" also "is a government in which supreme power is invested by the people and it is exercised by the people directly or indirectly through a representational system in which periodically held free elections." Venezuela as well as other countries in Latin America has undergone constant changes in their democracy, produced by their rulers. The primary function of the government is to ensure the safety of the state, its territory and its inhabitants. Also their objective is to strength the democratic institutions that ensure the democratic liberties and rights. Unfortunately, not all the leaders are capable of respecting…show more content…
His strategy has always been to appeal to the electorate (which is why I say that he is not a "dictator" because almost everything he has done has had the support of the majority of the population). In this case, by appealing to the resentment sense that the population had towards the party system he called for a National Constituent Assembly. His first goal was to get most of the Assembly through the manipulation of a system of election of delegates. By this, he obtained the 93% of the seats in the assembly, giving him the freedom to make the changes. Some of the most important changes were the elimination of the Senate in its place he created the National Assembly. Chaves replaces the party system that had been established in Venezuela for nearly half a century. Taking advantage of the resentment of the population toward the parties, managed to strengthen the powers invested in the figure of the president. This gave him the power to make laws or declare a referendum without the need for support from the legal system. This in turn, will make things easier because there was no system of checks and balances. In the referendum conducted in 2009 to the executive branch led by Chavez was given the ability to dissolve the National Assembly too. Also, he gained control of the attorney general, comptroller general, and the militia and the National

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