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Plastic Business Cards are not the Cheapest Business Cards, but that’s a good thing

The drive to produce the very Cheapest Business Cards possible, has led to the Cheapest Business Cards possible. While success is usually something desirable, the wisdom of this direction as a whole is in question. The point of a business card is more than just a way to pass a phone number around town. There is an element of wanting to impress, to seduce, to convince someone that money spent here, returns the highest value per dollar spent. Cheap is not effective at this, and there is the beauty of the Cheapest Business Card, it makes it so easy to do better it’s almost not fair. It has to be recognized as an opportunity when a playing field that is supposed to be level, is not. There are many alternatives to the Cheapest Business Cards, many ways to give that something extra with your introductions. My favorite and probably yours too would be Plastic Business Cards. For a modest portion of your advertising budget, you can buy impressions that make a difference, impressions that help to lead into conversations, and therefore help lead into sales.
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It is a wonderful thing when every time you hand out those few cents of your advertising budget you are rewarded with an immediate shot of pride. A well designed Plastic business card can not only help to break the ice, but will likely entice your potential client to start talking. Imagine the benefits available when instead of waiting for a chance to gracefully extradite himself from the conversation, your client is engaging with you about the beauty and quality you have presented to him. The belief that all products and services associated with your company will be of equal quality is an easy step to make, easing the path to
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