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Charging too much, bad change, cheated again! These are all quotes said by locals of the town Joyce city. As I was visiting the small town in february 1934 I was walking by a farmhouse whe n inside the house I heard someone say,”Mr. Hardly cheated again” I knocked on the door and a girl named Billie Joe answered I asked her what did Mr. Hardly cheat you for she said, “He’d cheated us giving us 5 cents short of what we're supposed to get.” I asked her where his shop was and made my way to it. As I walked into the store I could see stove in the corner and old wooden floors. I spotted Mr. Hardy cleaning I walked up to him and asked “How many times have you been accused for cheating money.” He said, “ I have no idea what you are talking about.” I was now very interested so I walked out of the shop and into a farm field and asked a farmer named Mr. Noble that was trying to shoot rabbits,” Do you know about Mr. Hardly and if he has ever cheated you and your money.” He said, “ Yes, I know that Mr. Hardly will try to sneak a few cents into his pocket when he thinks you aren't looking. He claims he has bad math when you catch him but I…show more content…
I walked up to him and said,” Mr. Hardly every one I have interviewed has said that you try to cheat them for their money. Tell me why do you need the extra money.” In return he said, “ I’ll tell you the truth, after my roof caved in I needed lots of money to rebuild it. Money I don't have so now I have 30 days to pay back the people who fixed it or they take my shop away.” I told him thank you and went back into the town and gathered everyone in the town and told them why Mr. Hardly had been cheating with there money. I told everyone that we needed to pitch in and help him. A week later we had the money and went and gave it to Mr. Hardy. It was the happiest i’ve ever seen a man in all my time of
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