Cheaters: Steal the Work, Get the Credit Essay

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In College, high school, and middle school cheating has become a common occurrence on assignments of all types and varying difficulty by students in all levels and types of classes. So how exactly do all these students cheat? Even more curious, why do so many of them go on to cheat even though they understand that it is wrong and could have dire consequences if they are caught. What are the consequences of cheating other than those that are disciplinary? The four types of cheaters can be classified as “addicts”, “desperados”, “bandwagoners”, and “subconscious”.
The addicts are those students who cheat on every assignment, whether it is homework, tests, quizzes, or papers. They will resort to looking at other students, getting papers
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These students are typically hard-working and honest, but pressure from their parents and high expectations from themselves and other influential people like friends drive them to cheat to get the high grades they believe they are supposed to receive. The pressure of the high-profile drives these students off the wall and cheating keeps them from going insane. However, desperados won’t cheat on anything unless they feel that it is necessary for their success. They will do it on a meager homework they don’t believe they have time to do or on a test they didn’t have enough time to study on as they were busy working on some other assignment. A student in high school on the honor roll may have two tests the following day as well as homework, he/she runs out of time the night before to get to the homework with all the studying that they did and will resort to cheating, by copying the homework from a willing classmate in order to get the grades expected of them. School is becoming more and more ruthless, as the standards to get into the prestigious colleges and universities rise, more students turn to cheating to get the grades and that is the “desperado”.
The “bandwagoners” on the other hand are easily impressionable students with low self- esteem and lacking individuality that fall prey to the more serious cheaters. They seek social acceptance from their peers and hope to achieve so by cheating on assignments. They will share their answers with those they seek
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