Cheating And College Basketball

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Cheating and College Basketball
Everyone cheats, but what about the penalties that are given to the people who are caught? People cheat on many things: school, sports, and, but not limited to, relationships. But there are many ways to cheat in those multiple examples, like in sports cheating can happen with: drugs, academic eligibility, or even through recruiting. With all the sports the focus could be on, college basketball seems to have the easiest examples of cheating. The people who cheat in college basketball could even be the people your child or younger sibling look up to. What makes college basketball coaches break the rules is it worth the penalty?
Roy Williams, the current college basketball coach at the University of North
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The FBI recorded another meeting that involved a former AAU basketball coach. Schlabach also stated, “FBI recorded and videotaped the meeting between former AAU basketball coach Christian Dawkins, a Louisville assistant coach, and others as they conspired to pay Bowen’s family to ensure the star recruit signed with the Cardinals, an Adidas-sponsored team.” Pitino obviously knew what was happening between Bowen and Dawkins because it was his assistant doing the illegal recruiting, and Pitino has repeatedly pinned other scandals on his assistants. Rick Pitino does not like to own up to his actions, and he likes to make his assistants do illegal stuff for him so he can keep his job.
Ed Martin, a Michigan University Booster, allegedly paid Chris Webber hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to the University of Michigan. Webber refuses to comment on what happened or even comment anything about the University of Michigan. Jimmy King, one of the players who played with Webber, also known as a member of the “fab five”, said, “I would say that he does owe the university an apology because it is a fractured relationship. He did not necessarily do anything that he has to apologize for, but this is what I was taught: Sometimes you have to apologize for things you did not even do to be the

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