Cheating And Lack Of Disciplinary Consequences

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Would you believe that 80 to 95 percent of high school students admit to cheating at least one time in the past year? (2nd source). Students use many tactics for cheating because they do not understand the subject, or they stress the need to be successful. I believe, because of transformation of cheating and lack of disciplinary consequences, cheating has become more prevalent in schools in our society. The first idea to understand about cheating is the many forms of how they are carried out. As technology has grown and evolved to what it is today, it has opened many more ways of cheating to occur and causes the temptation to be much easier to pursue. But first, there is the most basic form of cheating that we all know and it is by simply looking off another student’s paper. Whether it would be for homework or a test, it is more commonly used to copy for a test. Next, students may get together and have one person to one half of the homework while the other does the other half, then they both exchange papers and copy each others answers. Through the wonderful world of technology, cheating and plagiarizing is very easy to encounter, even without us realizing it. Students use Internet sources to look up answers for school work and use those answers as their own. What they fail to do is properly source their information. When this happens, they do not give credit to the information source, and it could cost the student a zero for the schoolwork, in the class, or worse they get

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