Cheating And Other Forms Of Academic Dishonesty

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When doing an assignment for a teacher, whether it be something extremely unimportant, or something as highly viewed as a standardized test, do not let anybody tell you that they need to see your answers or your work on the test or assignment. People can get in serious trouble for this in the real world. By saying the real world, I mean in high school, college, or the place of work. The definition for this action is, “academic dishonesty.” It defines as, “Misconduct is any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise.” It can include, plagiarism: the adoption or reproduction of ideas or words or statements of another person without due acknowledgment.” (Berkely) So, in simpler terms this means using somebody else’s work and claiming it as your own in any research paper, essay, forms of notes etc. It is not a crime taken lightly even by the federal government. By that I mean that Cheating and other forms of academic dishonesty occur at high frequency, according to a 2009 study by Stuber-McEwen, Wiseley & Hoggatt of Friends University. Furthermore, students often attempt to justify these actions with excuses ranging from personal hardship or ignorance, that they were cheating to the false claim that cheating is a victimless act. The unacceptability of these claims aside, the consequences of cheating in school reach much further than than simply getting caught. (Cascio) As study have shown cheating is becoming a more common occurrence and it is…
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