Cheating As A Way Of Life

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Cheating is known as a way of life for some individuals in this day and age. There are various types of cheating, for instance, in academics, relationships, or in the work place. Deceiving is too often accepted nowadays and it is not seen as an insult or a sin. Is cheating approved, as there is less religion and morals in the world? Consequently, few people have never cheated in their lives in any aspect of growth. Cheating has become extra common in relationships and academic institutions as a result of high scholastic standards, laziness, and absent virtues. Cheating is always wrong, however, everyone still performs it. It has become a vast deal too apparent today. Remarkably, abounding activities pass as cheating present-day. Whether it is in school, work, sports, relationships, or just life in general, cheating is frequent and familiar. 75% of high school students have admitted to cheating (Educational Testing Service (ETS), 1999). On another note, 70% of men and 50-60% of women conceded to cheating on their spouse (FOX News Network, 2016). An exceeding sector of the world’s population agrees that cheating is not always wrong, and can be beneficial. Cheating may result in getting a good grade or getting ahead, however, ultimately, nothing was learned, and comparable to lying, in the end, it is not worth accomplishing. Umpteen students are unaware of what classifies as cheating, and even if they are aware, they are still tempted to cheat. Different types of cheating…

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