Cheating By Jhumpa Lahiri Analysis

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Cheating: Comparing My Experience to Literature

”It was a wife’s worst nightmare.” In story “Sexy” by Jhumpa Lahiri, there is a married couple that seems like they are once-in-a-lifetime happy. However, we find out that the husband Dev found another woman that he wanted to talk to and he did not tell his wife about it. Based of my experience and the character’s experience, cheating is bad because it can hurt people. Cheating can also have people thinking about doing some really bad stuff to themselves. Additionally, this essay is going to teach you how not to cheat.
I have lots of experiences of cheating from best friends, boyfriends, titles and more. Most people think that cheating only happens in romantic relationships, but in my experience, cheating can happen in other relationships too. This happens when you replace someone in your life without telling them. For example, I once cheated on a friend by replacing her in my life with another best friend. Then I got caught up and she found out before I told her. This made me feel bad because i hurt someone and they might never talk to me again. That was also one of my closet friends and to not have her in my life would suck. It made her upset because she trusted me and I broke the trust.
I also was playing with somebody feelings and she really thought we went out and that i liked her but all alone i had a girlfriend and boyfriend. I also had a babymomma (title wise) and she wanted to be the only babymomma. I was
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