Cheating Has Been Prominent Forever

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Cheating has been prominent forever. Scandals related to cheating are in the news most of the time. Especially from prestigious institutions. It has been a way for people to get by in society with certain things instead of working hard. It has been a way for people in many educational institutions to get by with hard work. Cheating by definition is an act of dishonesty to gain advantage in examination and to avoid something undesirable by luck or skill. Cheating is very much frowned upon in nearly all educational institutions. But why do students still do it? Even knowing the consequences? Pressure of performance, poor time management skills and lack confidence are some of the huge factors. When students…show more content…
In 2009, an investigation was released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation that forty-four out of the fifty-six schools in Atlanta cheated on the CRCT (Criterion-Referenced Competency Test). One-Hundred and Seventy Eight teachers and principals were found to have part in the scandal by correcting answers that were entered by students. The scandal has been described as the biggest cheating scandals in the United States history. That then lead some teachers to get criminal charges. In addition to pressure of performance, there is also poor time management skills. Lack of managing time properly can lead to cheating in the classroom. Also, it thwarts college / high school students to do what they have to do in order to pass. For instance, when a student in high school can’t or don’t find the time to study for an upcoming test, when test day comes, they have absolute idea what to do. But there are some people who do! So the people who do know what to do becomes their best luck to passing that test. Students in high school and college have multiple classes/ courses. These classes can and usually do require a lot of reading. Trying to balance four to seven different classes is really not easy. And then having a life behind that. With emphasis on having a life behind school, meaning that there are other responsibilities some students have to take care of beyond the classroom. Some students are
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