Cheating Has Been Prominent Forever

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Cheating has been prominent forever. Scandals related to cheating are in the news most of the time. Especially from prestigious institutions. It has been a way for people to get by in society with certain things instead of working hard. It has been a way for people in many educational institutions to get by with hard work. Cheating by definition is an act of dishonesty to gain advantage in examination and to avoid something undesirable by luck or skill. Cheating is very much frowned upon in nearly all educational institutions. But why do students still do it? Even knowing the consequences? Pressure of performance, poor time management skills and lack confidence are some of the huge factors. When students feel an intense push to good in order to match up to their peers socially and/or feel pressure from parents or the need to get into a good university, it is considered “pressure of performance”. Dealing with the pressure to perform well is one thing because some people handle it the right way. It becomes a problem when it leads a student to cheat on their school work. Students want to do better because that what 's expected of them. That also becomes a reason to cheat. When pressure to be good is being exerted on a student, it is likely that the student is struggling. They don 't understand some things that are being presented to them. It is a cry for help. And it is even more harder when the student does not get help. Some educational…
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