Cheating In Rosen's Rewired

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Technology allows information to be readily available for students whenever they need it. With all this information effortlessly obtainable, students can take the shortcut and look up the answers, which can be viewed as cheating. Not having to work for answers could lead students to forget the “old ways” of studying; having to actually think and read could become a thing of the past. Shawn, a 26 year old teacher, had a slow class and many students were giving vague answers to his reading assignment. He “found out that only a handful of students had read the chapter while the others had either read the cliffnotes or found a summary online.”, most of the students in his class were determined to go to great universities (Rosen 23). This is proof…show more content…
Teachers need to know how to use the technology. Teachers will use “educational strategies” (Rosen 4) that were successful in the past and simply transferred the content from a whiteboard to a PowerPoint on a Smartboard. Why waste time, energy, and money on something that is more or less the same style of teaching, just on a different medium? Throughout Rosen’s book, Rewired: Understanding The iGeneration And The Way They Learn, he references the fact that the current generation of students are completely different from what teachers have seen in the past (4). As a result of that, students learn unlike anything teachers have experienced. Rosen writes that “We literally have to rewire such teachers to understand and see that their belief system, while having validity in the past, may not be accurate in today’s world.” (184) Even Joel Klein, the CEO of Amplify a company whose goal is to integrate technology into the classroom, knows that the success of technology rests almost solely on how teachers use it. Klein even said in his interview“If it’s not transformative.... it’s not worth it” (Rotella…show more content…
If students are doing the exact same activities on an iPad that they would a computer, then there is no advantage to having it. Since iPads are a mobile device and an Apple product, meaning they do not have Adobe, they cannot do many things that computers are capable of, as anyone who as ever had an iPad, or an Apple device, can tell you there are just certain activities that are more difficult to do on iPads. Smartboards are the same thing as a whiteboard and a projector, but when computers won’t connect to Smartboards, classes could continue if there was still a whiteboard. Problems with technology are constantly coming up and if every class relies solely on technology, there can be days where nothing can be done. Teachers can make new and exciting ways to learn. Educational games can be a huge asset to teachers who need to find a way to get students excited about learning again. What teachers need to be careful of is when students don’t actually try to learn in the games, like with Xavier in “Alien Addition”. A student randomly firing away does not help him learn how to add, even if teachers think it helps students think faster (“In Classroom of
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