Cheating Is Becoming More Common As The Technological Age Advances

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Cheating has almost become a regular practice in high school as “75% of students admitted to cheating at least once in high school” (ETS) according to one survey. Cheating in high school typically carries over to higher education where there is more on the line for being caught and that will eventually carry over to when these students enter the work force. Cheating for students is becoming more common as the technological age advances, are students educated on what constitutes cheatings, has cheating become more mainstream in the American educational system, and is this a problem with students or the education system itself? According to Webster-Merriam dictionary the word cheat in this situation constitutes as “to break a rule or law usually to gain an advantage at something” (cheat), but many students don’t feel like they are actually doing a wrongful act by cheating on homework, test, or other forms of schoolwork. Some students plagiarize with clear intent of disregarding the rules but there is a slim few cases where students don’t understand simply throwing a portion of a paragraph don’t count as citing that source or information. The educators also aren’t always concise on what is cheating in their curriculum until they have caught two students red handed. The obvious cheating of looking over the person sitting to your rights shoulder is cheating, but students don’t always understand that looking up answers on Google, collaborating with classmates, or using other
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