Cheating Is Defined As An Act Of Dishonesty

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What comes to mind when hearing the word “cheat”? According to Merriam Webster, Cheating is defined as an “act of dishonesty in order to gain an advantage” (Webster, 2015). Society seems to encourage that people should do whatever it takes to win or succeed. This method has been recycled through any type of accomplishment from politics to performances. The three main areas that people are susceptible to cheat in are athletics, academics, and intimate relationships.
There are several ways to cheat in sports especially as a group. Athletes habitually do whatever it takes to succeed in competition. For some athletes, one form of cheating is to take drugs that are meant to enhance their performance, such as steroids. Steroids are synthetic testosterone-like drugs that are taken to form muscle, heighten performance, and transform appearance. “Steroids give a competitive advantage” (Aschwanden, 2012). These might make a track runner sprint at a higher speed or a pitcher throw with more power input. There are several real-world examples of cheating in sports. For example, Patriots ' Safety Rodney Harrison was called out on suspension for taking illegal substances (Burton, 2015). My hypothesis is that cheating in sports is not encouraged by a desire to win, but by wanting to be thought or known by others as having won versus actually learning the craft. It is believed that what others believe is accurate and3 more essential than what is actually ethically correct. Athletes do not…
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