Cheating, Its Consequences, And Findings On Cheating

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Executive Summary: The purpose of this paper is to discuss the practice of cheating and its consequences in the graduate students. Lot of papers, scholarly articles have been written around this topic describing the behavior and attitude of the students towards the practice of cheating. There are various factors that can force the students to cheat, irrespective of which the student is expected to submit genuine work of his own to the school. This paper discuss few of the main reasons behind the practice of cheating, its consequences, and findings on cheating in graduate schools. Introduction: To brief up the issue I have taken, let me take an example of an in-class exam in my graduate school where I studied earlier. The Examination…show more content…
Students who pass out with the help of cheating are most likely to be holding a fake graduate degree of no value, they cannot survive in the reality since they do not really understand the concept they think they are. Practice of cheating is commonly seen in graduate and undergraduate schools. Cheating is not only related to the exams. There are various activities in the graduate schools where graduate students try to cheat to get their work done without any hard work. Let’s look at the areas or activities in the graduate schools where cheating might be involved: • Exams (Online and Offline) • Assignments (Home-works) • Presentations Problems: Factors of Cheating: Fear: Fear is one of the primary factor why students to opt cheating as a method to pass the course. Students fear to fail, achieve low grades, less GPA and various other factors which force them to cheat. Ethical Standards: Not every student in the class works hard to earn good grades. It also depends on the student’s ethical behavior whether to cheat or not in the examination. Unprepared: Most of the students cheat in their assignment since they are not properly prepared for the exam or assignments. This might be because of one of the two ways, either the student is unable to understand the requirements and expectations or the student choose the easy path to pass. Stressed Out: Students tend to stress on various pressures such as to succeed
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