Cheating : The Problem Of Our Schools

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Cheating: The Problem of our Schools Imagine a student sitting in English while taking an exam. You see this kid pull out a paper every few seconds and write down an answer real quick then put it away. This is what we all know as cheating. In reality, cheating is defined in many ways. The best definition of cheating is misleading, deceiving, or representing someone else’s work as your own. The reason a lot of kids cheat is because of their grades. It is true that kids who are lazy cheat off of others, but the real reason people cheat is because they need the grade. In the past few years, grade importance and how it reflects on the schools have become more important than the educational value and the understanding of the material. If we were to start focusing more on the educational value rather than grade importance, than the amount of cheating in schools would decrease. Placing so much emphasis on grades rather than the educational value perpetuates the act of cheating and this need to change. Cheating can be many different things. One of the top styles of cheating is plagiarism. Plagiarism is taking someone else’s ideas or work and pretending it is your own. Students use plagiarism for most things in school right now. It has been used for working on research papers, or even printing out a whole paper for topic. There are so many websites that students use that have every topic on them. There’s Sparknotes and Cliffnotes in order to accomplish their work quickly and with…
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