Cheating and the History of Mankind

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However, conditions appear to be different in the present-day society as the masses claim to be living in a civilized world where individuals are no longer impeded by things like cheating in their struggle to maintain healthy relationships. Conditions did not actually change much and things are basically the same as the effects of cheating primarily depend on the person being cheated.
While some individuals believe that cheating is not a big thing as long as the cheater did not involve his or her emotions in the dishonest relationship, others believe that cheating is cheating regardless of the circumstances and are set to leave anyone cheating them. Cheating is not as simple as one might be inclined to believe, considering that there are a multitude of factors involved in a relationship and a person who is cheated cannot simply keep staying with the cheater or leave him or her. When he or she learns that he or she has been cheated, an individual comes to consider the relationship that he or she is involved in and struggles to be affected as little as possible by this act.
Many cheaters try to motivate their behavior through claiming that it is their lover's fault, as he or she did not provide him or her with the attention that he…
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