Cheating has Become a Larger Problem with Techology Essay

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It seems that, as time passes, students are getting more problematic in cheating. Gone are the days in which students simply look over to the side for the answers. With the advancement of technology in the hands of the young generation, the ideas for cheating are endless. Nonetheless, the question of “why students cheat?” remains the same. Furthermore, this question is thought-provoking; students are well aware of the effects that cheating brings and yet it still occurs. In the response of cheating educational institutions have implemented various ramifications; these included failure of the class to the extreme of being expelled from school. In addition effects are not only limited to educational sanctions; certain students feel…show more content…
To move up in so this called educational ladder, high grades are needed. I personally experienced this during my years in high-school. Todays educational system has turned into a competitive one. Students are now going to the extreme such as taking drugs and cheating in order to get a step over the rest. Being put in a competitive environment, the thought of losing friends and pressure from family makes the perfect storm for students to cheat. The second main cause of cheating is not having the capability to pass the test. Todays educational system is so rigorous that it forces students to cheat. Exams becoming increasingly difficult to the point where students can't pass them. They are forced to cheat in order to keep up with the course. An American political journalism organization POLITICO; had discovered a sharp increase of advanced placement students. In fact from the year of 2002 to 2012 the amount of a.p test takers had risen from 1.2 million to 2.9 million. Consequently they also discovered that 1.3 million students have failed these exams just in the year of 2012. Self confidence also plays a role in creating. Cases have arisen in which students now think they are not capable of passing; they drag themselves down to the point where cheating seems as the only option. The University of Minnesota had published a study in which they found a correlation between self esteem and performance. It was stated that higher the
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