Cheating in American Schools - A National Disgrace Essay

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Cheating in American Schools - A National Disgrace

Cheating by students in American schools has become a serious and growing problem. A 2005 poll of 12,000 college graduates in the contiguous United States with a 62% response rate showed the following: 45% of all students cheated on an examination that counted toward 10-20% of their grade and 51% cheated on an exam that counted toward 33-50% of their final grade. When asked why they cheated, 70% of cheaters stated that they did not fear failing the exams on which they cheated and that cheating for a "higher grade" was the primary motive. The most common method of cheating involved electronic technologies such as instant messaging via telephone, e-mail, internet searches, and other
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83% of college professors queried replied to the poll. 94% of responders regarded cheating on their campus as a serious threat to their college's quality and integrity. Almost all the professors who responded believe that their has been an increase in student academic dishonesty in the last 10 years. Not only do professors fear that their schools risk defamation of reputation as a result of cheating, but also that the rise in cheating will lead to an ignnorant workforce, incapable of meeting the challenges of an increasingly technical and sophisticated society.

Electronic supported cheating allows students to falsify, lie and plagarize more successfully than ever before. Most electronic devices used to cheat can be hidden in the palm of a hand or on a student's lap without directing attention from a proctor or teacher. The push by parents to do what it takes to succeed at all costs is one of many influences driving cheaters. Unfortunately, as a result of cheating, American Colleges are producing fewer and fewer individuals capable of functioning in our high tech society. Medical schools are accepting students with lower academic standing and we are trying to fill the intellectual void by bringing foreign students into the U.S. graduate schools.

We are now seeing the effects of cheating in are markets and post graduate student profiles. Thee dearth of well educated individuals in the U.S. has disrupted the work
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