Essay on Cheating in Relationships

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Annette Homewood
Informative Speech #2
Saddleback College

TOPIC: Cheating in Relationships

GENERAL PURPOSE: To answer common inquiries about cheating

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To arm individuals with insight and knowledge as to why people cheat and what one can do to lessen the chances of cheating occurring in a relationship

THESIS: The more one is aware of the prevalence of cheating and how it occurs, the better preventive steps one can take toward creating a more secure relationship, and a better relationship in general.


I. How many of you have ever cheated or been cheated on in a relationship? (attention getter)

A. From regretful one-night stands to individuals who seek multiple affairs over
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if there’s a low frequency of sex and/or sexual incompatibility

P. if you have a higher libido

Q. you like having multiple partners and that’s just the way it is

R. if there’s low to moderate satisfaction in the relationship

1. Some of these things you might not change.

a) And all these factors don’t mean that some one is going to cheat.

TRANSITION: But we might explore the most complex of these issues: relationship satisfaction (something you might change).

II. Relationship satisfaction is a component of commitment.

A. According to the 1999 article “An Investment Model Prediction of Dating Infidelity” from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, a central force within relationships is commitment.

1. Commitment consists of three elements working together: satisfaction, alternative quality, and investments.

a) Satisfaction represents the outcomes one receives from the relationship.

b) Alternative quality represents the outcomes one would expect from the next best alternative (e.g. dating a particular other, dating more than one person).

c) Investments represents the things one would lose, both tangible and intangible, if the relationship were to end (e.g. shared possessions, shared traditions).

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