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Cheating in Sports Sports are governed by sets of rules or customs and often, competition. Sports have always been a way to connect us to our past and to build optimism about the future. Sport’s a way to bond the people despite differences in race, age and gender. However, today the game that is supposed to teach character, discipline and team work is teaching cheating. And in today’s world, with fame, endorsement, drugs and so much to gain, it is not surprising that athletes are cheating in sports. Cheating in sports is not new thing; it started the day when humans first discovered athletic competitions. According to the Los Angeles Times (August 20, 2006) “More than 2,000 years before Mike Tyson bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's …show more content…
But the penalties for cheating are small. A six months or one year ban for competition is a small penalty. The use of performance enhancing drugs is increasing day by day. Shocking doping cases happened during the Seoul 1998 summer Olympic Games. For example, Canadian runner Ben Johnson tested positive in a drug test for anabolic steroids. Therefore, Johnson lost his 100 m gold medal to long time competitor Carl Lewis (Blackwell 1). Whereas, most athletes persist taking steroids believing that this substance provides a competitive advantages but on the other hand it can cause a life time ban on sports after a positive dope test. Professor John Hoberman, Department of Germanic studies at University of Texas at Austin noted “In August 1968, the Belgian distance runner Joseph Rombaux was disqualified for a positive dope test after winning the national marathon championship. He was banned from athletics for life” (394).

Cheating for the best performance in the sports is against the spirit of the sports. According to Professor John Hoberman, Department of Germanic studies at University of Texas at Austin, “The use of drugs and other prohibited techniques to enhance the performance of athletes in marathon racing is contrary to the whole philosophy of our sport” (Hoberman, 387). Sports clearly are a fair competition between the athletes but, using drugs destroys the meaning of sportsmanship. Doping, resulting to enhance performance

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