Cheating in a Relationship

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Thin body or considerable empathy? Flawless skin or forgiving soul? Straight, white teeth or virtuous moral judgment and a wondrous sense of humor? Which seem most important? Although there is a clear distinction between physical and emotional characteristics, it may be tough to decide. Ask another question, which characteristics are more important in a relationship? That question may be more difficult to answer. Both are important but the close bond between two people is more than just skin deep. The deepest form of intimacy in a romantic relationship is the ability to be completely free and open with one another, to share emotions, and to share beliefs and feelings of important values. For that very reason, physically cheating in a relationship does not measure up to the detrimental effects of emotionally cheating. Physical cheating is also extremely painful. Physically cheating, whether a kiss or further sexual interactions causes a wake of pain and distress for the other partner (Steele). However, emotionally cheating requires one partner to withdraw their emotional attention from the other. This means withdrawal of a caring attitude, humor, and intimate conversation from the relationship. Thus leaving the relationship with nothing but its outer shell. Once a relationship is that far gone, it is almost impossible to recover, with physical cheating, a relationship still holds the chance of being salvaged. One reason physically cheating is not as threatening to a
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