Cheating on Exams

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CHAPTER ONE Background and Rationale of the Study
1.1 Background
Cheating on exams has become a popular phenomenon all over the world regardless of the levels of development. For instance, Baerthlein (2008), from Germany, described that over the past decade, cheating has become more and more common as an act of academic dishonesty. Referring to the latest statistics she expressed her concern on the alarming rate as more than two thirds of high school students admitted cheating on an exam last year. The same trend was documented in Belarusia, Venezuela, Thailand and Colombia. Cheating is not done only by academically poor students. According to Baerthlein (2008) even more appalling often the best students cheat to
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b) “F” for the course if cheating is on final exam and such other disciplinary measure including suspension for at least one semester to the vice dean (p 113).
Instructors took severe action for getting flagrant cheating based on universities regulation. Nonetheless the legislation is not being implemented yet to the extent of the problem in practice. Thus, school regulation could not console students from cheating.
1.2 Rationale of the study
Cheating on exams has significant impact on quality of education. To maintain the intended objectives of Addis Ababa University commerce collage; conducting systematized controlling and behavioral changing measures are important. Thus this study helps: Produce qualified and confident labor force for the market. Enhance sense of competition among students. Build self confidence of individual while seating for exams. Play respective role for keeping quality of education.
Support the objectives of building and setting up Adama University.
Call up concerned bodies contribute collaborative effort.
Propose remedial solutions that could bring significant effect.
1.3 Statement of the problems Cheating on exams became a serious problem at present. The severe state of its condition demands institutional endeavor at least to minimize the range. The problem springs out
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