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July 28, 2012
English 0310
“What is Poverty?”
a. How would you define the author’s purpose? Besides paragraph 15, in what parts of the essay is that purpose most apparent?
I would define the author’s purpose is to express the life of a poor person and the views of others towards a poor individual. Besides paragraph 15, Parker’s purpose is most apparent in paragraph two and paragraph six.

b. Why does the speaker address her audience directly, especially in paragraphs 4 and 10? How would you describe that audience?

c. What is the speaker’s attitude toward her estranged husband? Do you find it curious? What does it tell you about her? What does it tell you about Parker’s purpose?

d. In paragraph 8, the
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How does this practice help her illuminate her character?

i. Parker has organized this essay by having her speaker enunciate a series of characteristics that define poverty. What is the effect of her beginning several paragraphs with “Poverty is….”?

j. Comment on the author’s use of illustration. To what physical senses does she appeal most often? What use does she make of metaphor?

k. Parker has created a “persona” or speaker who tells her story by using the first-person pronoun (“I”) how would you describe this persona?

l. What is the purpose of paragraph 15 besides concluding the essay? How would you describe the speakers tone in this paragraph? Does it differ from the tone she uses in other parts of the essay?

Dayanna Macedo
English 0310
“Why I Want a Wife”
Content questions a. List the reasons why Brady offers for wanting a wife.
Brady wants somebody who: * Is responsible * Can attend to her needs * Can attend to her children’s needs * Is understanding

b. Define the word “wife” as portrayed in this essay. Do you agree with this definition?
In this essay the word “wife” is defined as a person of a female gender who is responsible of working and taking care of the family’s needs. I do not agree with this definition.

c. What does Brady imply in the first paragraph when she says “and, not altogether incidentally, I am a mother?” How does this statement predict the contents and / or
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