Check Yourself before You Sext Yourself

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Amanda Todd posted a video on YouTube that tells a heart wrenching story about how she was bullied on and offline (Grenoble, 1). “I would go with friends on webcam to meet and talk to new people” (Grenoble, 1). She was called stunning, beautiful, and other nice things after a while they started asking her to flash (TheSomebodyToKnow, 1). A year later, a man contacted her on Facebook and threatened to send around her topless picture if she didn’t put on a show (Grenoble, 1). She later found out the stranger knew everything about her: her address school, friends, and family members (Grenoble, 1). Soon her photo had been sent to everyone (Grenoble, 1).Amanda developed anxiety and depression and then, she started doing drugs and drinking alcohol (Grenoble, 1).
She changed schools and started hanging out with new people in an effort to leave behind the bullies (Ryan, 1). Over Christmas break there was a knock on her door at four in the morning (TheSomebodyToKnow, 1). It was the police they told her, her photo had been sent to everyone (TheSomebodyToKnow, 1). The man created a Facebook account with her topless photo as the profile photo (Grenoble, 1). Her anxiety was so bad she couldn’t go out in public (TheSomebodyToKnow, 1). After a month at her new school she started talking to an old guy friend (TheSomebodyToKnow, 1). They texted back and forth and he started to say he liked her, even though her had a girlfriend (TheSomebodyToKnow, 1). One…
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