Checklist for Effective Reading Instruction

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. Equality of Educational Opportunities in the United States Education has an immense impact on the human society. The quality of human resource of a nation is easily judged by the number of literate population living in it. This is to say that education is a must if a nation aspires to achieve growth and development and more importantly sustain it. In today’s world, the role of education has become even more vital. It is an absolute necessity for economic and social development, and the single most important predictor of good jobs and high income at the individual level. In the United States, the Department of Education aims to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering…show more content…
Also, they have larger class size and insufficient classroom materials. In addition, without sufficient funds many of these schools cannot afford experienced quality teacher with experience that can produce high quality education. On the hand, wealthy school districts have smaller class sizes, experienced and high quality teachers, and the scientific and technical tools needed for learning and education. Therefore, low-income students not only struggle with poverty related issues at home but generally receive an inferior education at school as well. This would leads the students to a sense of hopelessness and to achieve below their potential and eventually drop from school, which would reduce their opportunities for good employment or to secure housing in an area where better schools could serve their own children in the future. On the other hand, inequality of education is obvious within school districts, rich or poor, because school boards, dominated by the local ruling class, control both the content and quality of public education through policy setting and resource allocation. School trustees decide what is appropriate and adequate education for different social groups and classes. Different school districts offer different educational content levels and curriculum, which in turn affect student’s level of education, achievement, and test scores. In the article “Equality of Educational Opportunity: A Myth
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