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The system of checks and balances was created when our founding fathers wrote and ratified the Constitution in the First Continental Congress in 1787. Although the words checks and balances weren’t actually stated in the original Constitution, the ideas/principles of it still apply. With this, our founding fathers wanted to make sure that no one branch could have more power than another. They did this by allowing each branch of government the ability to check the power of the other two branches of government therefore creating the system of checks and balances. So how does this system work? It all begins with the Executive branch. The executive branch includes the president who is assisted by his vice president and his cabinet. The executive branch can check the legislative branch by: (1) Proposing…show more content…
The legislative branch is made up of Congress which is split into two parts, The Senate and the House of Representatives. The legislative branch can check the executive branch by: (1) Congress can overturn a presidential veto with 2/3 vote from both houses (2) Senate can reject proposed treaties and presidential nominations of federal officials and judges. (3) Congress holds the power to impeach and remove the President. The legislative branch also checks the judicial branch by holding the power to: (1) create lower courts (2) Senate can reject nominees for the federal and Supreme Court (3) Congress can amend the Constitution to overturn decisions of the Supreme Court and has the power to impeach judges and remove them from the bench. The legislative branch’s checks allow it to make laws to better our nation, control the national budget, and impeach the president if necessary which is important to keep America on the right track and make sure the other two branches are obeying the constitution and not abusing their powers by vetoing

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