Checks And Balances: The Most Important Part Of The Political System

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The main thing you need to know about the US Constitution - is inherent in it the principle of "checks and balances" or, in other words, the separation of authorities: legislative, executive and judicial. The document is organized in such a way as to prevent the excessive growth of one part of the political system and to ensure the overall stability of the state. The most important part of the political system are 27 amendments to the constitution adopted by several centuries of existence independent of the United States. The first ten of them are in the so-called Bill of Rights and is fixed for the citizens fundamental rights and freedoms. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, religion, press and assembly, and the second is the right to keep and bear arms, the fourth prohibits arbitrary searches and arrests, and so on. Widely known as the thirteenth amendment adopted after the Civil War in the country and the abolition of slavery.…show more content…
The rule of law - at the same time a constitutional state in which all, and above all the authorities are bound to follow, to obey the Constitution, to respect it and act in accordance with it. Part 3 of Art. VI states that all officials, both at the federal level and at the state level, must support the Constitution. This seems to be the foundation of the constitutional law and order, the main guarantee against the abuse of power in relation to the rights and freedoms. Supreme power of supervision of the state of the rule of law, including in the activities of public bodies, by an independent
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