Checks and Balances

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Checks and balances is a system that is a part of out U.S. Constitution. This system was put in to place so that no part of government would have too much power. The three branches: judicial, legislative and executive are constantly granting and checking the other branches actions, this is to make sure no one person can gain an excessive amount of control in government. For example according to ," the legislative branch is in charge of making laws. The executive branch can veto the law, thus making it harder for the legislative branch to pass the law. The judicial branch may also say that the law is unconstitutional and thus make sure it is not a law.The legislative branch can also remove a president or judge that is not doing his/her job properly. The executive branch appoints judges and the legislative branch approves the choice of the executive branch. Again, the branches check and balance each other so that no one branch has too much power".
Senate rejected a president’s nominee to the Supreme Court.The senate has rejected a total of 12 nominees out of 159 nomination for Supreme Court Justice that presidents have submitted for confirmation. In 1795 George Washington was the first president to have his nomination for Chief Justice rejected. Robert Bork for Associate Justice nomination by Ronald Reagan was the last to be rejected in 1987 by the senate. The Senate sometimes take their time confirming nominees, which includes 24 they've postponed.…

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