Cheek Incision Case Study

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There are two classical surgical approaches in dealing with tumors of the accessory lobe of the parotid gland: cheek incision and standard parotidectomy or modified Blair's incision.[Rodino and Shaha, 1993] In cheek incision as in case 1, the tumors are approached through a limited incision over the tumor in the middle of the cheek. This approach is associated with a higher incidence of damage to facial nerve branches, because of the superficial location of the buccal and zygomatic branches of the facial nerve.[Fujimuro et al, 2004; Afify and Maynard, 1992] Johnson and Spiro[[Johnson and Spiro, 1979] reported a 40% incidence of facial nerve damage when the tumors are approached via a cheek incision directly over the tumors. The cheek incision
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