Cheer Captain Essay

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Cheer Captain Essay
To be a cheer captain, there are many responsibilities and priorities. To be a captain you have to be strong and not afraid to try new things. You need to have a great positive attitude the whole time and not let the drama start on the team. You have to make sure your team is ready for games and practices and make sure everyone knows what they are doing and if not to take it slowly until they get it. Being a captain is a lot of responsibilities but it’s an amazing opportunity. I think I am fit to be the captain, because I can bring all these priorities or tasks in with me. I know not to let my feelings drag the team down and I know that you always have to keep a smile on your face. To be a captain you have
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I know people’s strengths and weaknesses, I also know how certain people work to with each other and I understand that some people may not work well with others but I will try my hardest to make sure nothing bad happens to the team and the people that make up the team, I will work on everyone getting along with each other. To some people, leadership means to lead a group of people but in cheerleading, and to me, it is so much more. In the community, on the sidelines, and even in school, you are representing the team and the school you cheer for along with your reputation. You have to work the hardest, encourage your team, always keep the smile going and stay positive. Even at or not at practice or a sporting event you have to think of the team and how your actions will rely on the team and affect the team, everyone relies on the leader. Being a cheerleader to me isn’t just about cheering on the football or basketball team. Cheerleading is more than that. Cheerleading is a group of girls who have the passion and the trust with each other to catch them and trust that they will do their part. Cheerleading are being a family and not being able to have your own space. Priorities of cheerleading are; making your toes pointed, having a good attitude, making great facial expressions, and having those little girls that look up to you, have a great role model. These are just some reasons why I love to
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