Cheering Persuasive Essay Sample

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Thump thump. Thump thump. Thump thump. My heart beats like a jackhammer in my chest. Thundering cheering echos from the sidelines, barely audible in my own ears over the rythmic sound of my feet scraping on the track, my steady breathing, and the blurred white noise. As the finish line lies just a short one hundred meters away, I pump my arms harder and focus on gaining on my competetor. Adrenaline courses through my body as I not only pass the navy blue jersey to my left, but also cross the finish line. The feeling of running in that purple uniform never changes. While running on the track and standing on the sidelines may seem like polar opposite actions, they share qualities that set them alike. Due to the experience of being a former spectator…show more content…
The level of intensity is much lower if you’re standing on the sidelines rather than taking part in the events on the inside of the fence. Onlookers from the sidelines aren’t concerned with performing in the events, but instead are there to motivate those that are competing. Vice versa, the competing athletes are on a higher level of intensity, physically preparing themselves for their events with warm-up routines and mentally preparing themselves for facing athletes from the other teams. Oberving tends to be a layed back role in the track meets compared to participating in the meet’s events. Though it may sound insignificant, the food consumed by an athelete can mean all the difference in their performance. Often times, athletes can be seen at the meets eating lite, healthy snacks, while in contrast, the spectators return from concessions with junk food and full, heavy meals. Watching my teammates run their events, I’m around everyone else cheering, and not only yelling as well, but taking in the scene before me. I’m alert to my surroundings. On the contrary, when I run, it’s as if I’m in my own world. I’m focused on myself running, and only myself. Most of the noise I naturally tune out, and some noise gets lost over the sound of my steps and my breathing. Contributing to play different parts at the meets has opened my eyes to how diverse the outlook from certain perspectives can
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