Cheerleader and American Icon by Natalie Adams and Pamela Bettis

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Bettis. Cheerleader an American Icon. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. 2 April 2014 This book explains a lot about cheerleading and where it started and how far it’s gotten. This book will help me talk about the difference between sideline and competitive cheerleading. The book will also help me to talk about how much of a business cheerleading has started for the United States. This book has a lot of great information for me to use to talk about how athletic cheerleading really is. The book goes in detail about male and female participation in cheerleading. This is going to be great for my research because of all the information I am being given.
Barovick, Harriet, and Hilary Hylton.. “Beyond the Pom-Poms.” Time 156.19. 06 Nov. 2000: 109. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 2 April 2014. The Time magazine is a credible source for this article that aims right at people who are outside of the cheerleading community. This article is all about the athleticism in the sport and the technique of cheerleading. The article gives a lot of statistics about the growth of injuries in cheerleading. One of the famous cheerleading teams was mentioned in this article and they were the World Cup Shooting Stars, which is an organization in New Jersey. The article talks about high school cheerleading today and how many colleges accept cheer as a sport and how you can get a scholarship. In the article the author talks about hoe schools canceled their…

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