Cheerleading As A Legitimate Sport

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Cheerleading as a Legitimate Sport Cheerleading has expanded into a fantastic show of athletics but people today still don’t view it as a legitimate sport. “Todays young cheerleaders are an entirely different breed” (“Dazzle and Danger”). When cheerleading was first introduced over 100 years ago, it was a combination of simple cheers that were shouted out by yell captains from the sidelines during college football games (Valliant 8). Yell captains are the girls in charge of yelling out and starting cheers on a squad. Cheerleading has expanded into an amazing display of athletics and still is not considered a legitimate sport. There is a large difference between sideline cheerleading and competitive cheerleading including dance, gymnastics, and elaborate stunt sequences. Stunts are where a group of two to four bases throw a small flyer in the air while she stands on their hands and pulls different moves for cheer purposes or for crowd grabbing or she flips through the air. While sideline cheerleading should not be considered a sport, competitive cheerleading should be. Cheerleading should be considered a legitimate sport because of its increased physical activity, danger and risk of injury, and the time and dedication that is made to a team.
With the elaborate stunt sequences, dance moves and hard core training, cheerleaders are some of the most athletic people in today society. “Cheerleading is more athletic today than it ever was before as squads incorporate demanding
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