Cheerleading Should Be Granted Sport Status

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“The argument of whether or not cheerleading should be granted sport status is one that has escalated into a fierce debate over the past year,” Wayne Drehs, a staff writer for ESPN, confirms. While giving a purpose to many young athletes as many other known sports do, cheerleading has lost any sport recognition somewhere along the way. The sport has grown miraculously into something that is nothing short of amazing. However while cheerleading’s difficulty has grown, many people’s support for the acceptation of being a sport has not. Many cheerleaders would agree in a heartbeat that Cheerleading is in fact a sport, and should be known as one. Every person needs to understand what cheerleading really is, everything the athletes do daily, and…show more content…
There are many proven facts to support that cheerleading is in fact a sport. ESPN officially declared cheer to be a sport, but that has not seemed to affect people’s opinions.
There are certain different types of cheerleading that people should educate themselves with before they decide whether or not to accept cheerleading as a sport. Cheerleading has different categories and types depending on age and location. The two most common types of cheerleading for high school and college cheerleaders are sideline and competitive. Drehs reports, “Ask most college cheerleaders today and they 'll admit that standing on the sidelines . . . is nowhere near a sport. But the yearly competitions . . . are as challenging as any other sport they 've played.” Most cheerleaders would agree that competition cheerleading does not get any credit for being a sport, although it proves to be very challenging.
Too many believe cheerleading only consists of girls looking pretty on the sidelines, so the question arises, why should cheerleading be considered a sport? Torgovnick informs that, “They [cheerleaders] do basket tosses where a group throws a “flyer” 25 feet in the air. They say the adrenaline rush of performing these risky moves is what they love . . . they keep on going even if they have a broken finger or a fractured rib.” There are many difficult elements put into a routine. Cheerleaders should be credited as athletes because they work just as hard as any other member of a
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