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Often times when in conversation with friends, peers, and even strangers there is one question that seems to always come up; “What is your favorite restaurant?” People are curious in seeing what type of restaurant you like because when revealing that information it tells more about you than you think. When telling somebody where you enjoy eating it gives them a sense of how much you’re willing to spend for a good meal, what side of town you like to go to and even gives them a slight glance at your personality. When asked that question I undoubtingly respond the same way every time; The Cheesecake Factory! Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of this Restaurant and determine some things that would possibly increase the overall brand.…show more content…
There are so many different restaurants serving so many different types of food. There are Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Classic American restaurants, Italian restaurants, it makes it difficult to decide what to eat at dinner time. What gives a restaurant the upper hand over its competition?
The Cheesecake factory has some key strengths that keeps it running at a high level. The Cheesecake Factory has a low employee turnover rate. That means that once they hire somebody the person usually keeps the job for a long time. Of course you have situations and instances where some employees have to be let go for whatever reason, but when you check your numbers as to how many had to go verses how many are still working in good standings, you have to tip your hat to your employment staff. Another strength of the Cheesecake Factory is that they have such a large variety of dishes and desserts. Variety is key when in the restaurant business because many times there are so many other restaurant that are serving the same style, if not the same exact dishes as you. The Cheesecake factory have hundreds of different cheesecakes to choose from. You will not find another restaurant with that much variety in their desserts. Their main courses and appetizers follow suit with amazingly large selection. One more advantage of the Cheesecake Factory is its ability to appeal to various kinds of people; in other words, location location location!!! The

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