Cheetah Techniques

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- The knight, one's was loyal, could escape from the death penalty by the King's magnanimous gesture. - He is regretting his poor scheme to break in the district attorney's house, while standing in the middle of the court. - I don't know why the police is following my car. I have to slow speeds down to pull over. - I was lining up for getting a cup of coffee, suddenly someone cuts in line and pushed me. So I stepped on her foot on purpose. - My girlfriend eats an apple every morning, but I am allergic to the apple. It made me sick with the smell of the apple. - If I can change your mind to fall in love with me, I would do everything. I mean everything. - She has a serious sugar craving. Unless she eats the chocolate three times a day, she feels dizzy.…show more content…
Yet, he got into a situation that being held in jail. - The high-speed camera can capture the lively movement of a cheetah. When the cheetah is chasing a gazelle, it is impossible to see own eyes how fast it moves. - Being the expert in any field requires a lot of efforts. It is tremendously hard to take it to the next level. - I barely derive a courage to go near to the cave where a mystery creature lives in it. - A town shaman told us, the cursed body was buried under the tree. We decide to hold the ancestral rites, for the its afterlife. - By notorious witch's spell, an arrogant princess is compelled to dance endlessly when full moon rises. Without finding magic shoes she can't stop from shameful
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