Cheez Are Not Allowed In Our School Cafeteria

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As of November 14, Cheez-its are not allowed in our school cafeteria. This is because of the incident that occurred recently. It all started when David launched a spoonful of chunky soup across the table and hit Brice right in the nose. Immediately, the words “food fight” came out of Raymond’s mouth. The cafeteria turned into a jungle and food was flying everywhere. There was pizza, cupcakes, cookies, pickles, and much more flying all throughout the cafeteria. Even some of the teachers decided to join in. Mr.Carter couldn’t stop all of the chaos, so he left the cafeteria to go get help. While he was gone, the cafeteria became so messy that you couldn’t see anything but food flying all across the room. Suddenly, a cluster of Cheez-its flew through
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