Chef John Folse Was Born On Cabanocey Plantation

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Chef John Folse was born on Cabanocey Plantation in St. James Parish, Louisiana in 1946. He was brought up in a huge family of five brothers and two sisters by his father, Royley Folse, and mother, Therese Zeringue Folse. His father was a plant manager of St. James Sugar Co-Op and the Zeringues, his mother’s family, were a long line of sugarcane farmers on Cabanocey Plantation. They were all great cooks. He attended St. James High School and later Nicholls State University. Being born in the Heart of Cajun country with the swamp floor pantry of the Gulf and Mississippi at his disposal, he went on to be “Louisiana’s Culinary Ambassador to the World.” Chef Folse gained a lot of experience throughout his career. In 1970, he got his first step into the food and beverage industry at Howard Johnson’s Restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After he worked in the hotel business for many years he opened his first small restaurant in 1976. On July 14, 1978 he opened his Lafitte’s Landing Restaurant in Donaldsonville, LA and in mid-1986, he started up his catering and events management division on White Oak Plantation in Baton Rouge. He continued on in mid-1991 with the Chef John Folse & Company Manufacturing which produces custom-manufactured foods for restaurants as well as retail and foodservice industries. Chef Folse then began his international television series, “A Taste of Louisiana” in 1990 and his radio show, “Stirrin’ It Up!” soon followed in August 1996.

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