Chef Kunal 's Personal Life, Career And Accomplishments

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Kunal Kapur Kunal Kapur is a 35 year old chef from India. This report will enlighten one about chef Kunal’s personal life, career and accomplishments. How Kapur chose to become a chef, and the many influences from his family. Along with the many heights of his career including how he got the Master Chefs job,which ultimately launched his career. Lastly, taking a look at the vast accomplishments he has achieved, from shows, to books, and being recognized for multiple awards. “I came from a family of bankers and I was expected to be one too. Aside from the fact that I hated math, seeing my father, grandfather and uncles in the kitchen, I realized that it was normal for men to cook and soon enough I knew where I really belonged.” This quote is from Chef Kunal Kapurs’ website and many other interviews he has taken in the past. Kapur comes from a middle class family, whose men are all bankers as they are expected to be. When Kunal finally decided to follow his heart in the culinary world; his father and other members of his family looked down on him with little to no respect. Before he actually went into cooking he went to an Institute of Hotel Management Chandigarh, where he received a degree. Though through thorough research dates of Kunals’ degree are widely unobtainable, most recognizable is Kapurs’ graduation from Delhi University in Commerce. His full commit to school exemplifies the passion Kunal has for his dreams and goals, which will propel his career in the future.

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