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1 -The impact of household cleaners on the environment is minimized because these products are formulated: a) To work with water and end up in wastewater treatment plants b) Free of chemicals c) With natural ingredients only d) To change into environmentally friendly ingredients immediately after use 2 - A cationic surfactant is: a) Positively charged b) Negatively charged c) Both positively and negatively charged d) None of the above 3 - In the process of hair coloring, the des color is obtained by: a) Oxidation of the natural hair pigment b) Application of an organic synthetic dye c) Setting the hair in the desired shape d) Treating the hair with a reducing agent 4 - Fragrances in perfumes are generally experienced…show more content…
Which one of these answers has the correct density? What is the name of the element? a) Ni 8.91 g/cm3 b) Zn 7.14 g/cm3 c) Ti 4.00 g/cm3 d) Sn 7.23 g/cm3 42 - A microchip contains 5.68 mg of Si (silicon). a) How many moles does it contain? b) How many atoms are there? 43 - How many protons, neutrons and electrons are found in the following? a) Mg b) Mg2+ c) Co2+ d) Co e) Cl- 44 - Identify the element (whole name and abbreviation) based on the atomic number and atomic mass: a) Atomic number: 15, Atomic mass: 31 _________ _________ b) Atomic number: 53, Atomic mass: 127 _________ _________ c) Atomic number: 19, Atomic mass: 39 _________ _________ d) Atomic number: 47, Atomic mass: 108 _________ _________ e) Atomic number: 82, Atomic mass: 207 _________ _________ 45 - Soaps are considered water-soluble, whereas detergents are water-insoluble a) False b) True 46 - The term hydrophilic means water-soluble, whereas hydrophobic means water hating a) False b) True 47 - There are four different types of surfactants that are categorized based on the number of carbon atoms in their structure a) False b) True 48 - Cleaning process can be viewed as a combination of several interactions; chemical, mechanical and vibrational interactions a) False b) True 49 - An anionic surfactant is without charge a) False b)

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