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How to do a Deadly EEI in Chemistry
Students: These are some hints about the requirements of a high quality Extended Experimental Investigation for the Queensland Senior Chemistry Syllabus. Guidelines given to you by your teacher should take precedence if there is any doubt. They are addressing a Year 12 EEI but will still guide you for Year 11. They refer to a hypothesis-testing EEI. What’s the purpose of an EEI? You‟ll do an EEI to research a question you have about some chemistry-related phenomena you have come across. In the process you gain a better understanding of the concepts. It does not matter that your experiment has been done a thousand times before or that your teacher already knows the results. What matters is that you don
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One member of the group needs to write down the ideas as they are generated. All students need to be involved in listening and thinking. When you have finished brainstorming take a look at the list that has been generated. Select from the list just four or five ideas which you think you might be interested in and able to investigate. As a group try to identify how you would carry out an investigation into these topics. How do I decide on a Research Question? Once you have decided the research topic you need to formulate a Research Question. It is often a broad question and identifies a query about the 'world out there '. For example, you may ask: What effect will pH have on stability of ascorbic acid in solution under various environmental conditions? It must be a question so it should start with: How or What (forget about who, when, where and why; this is Chemistry not History or Geography). This is where many students first get into trouble; that is, proposing a research topic without formulating a good Research Question to guide their investigation. For example (this is what not to do): say your research topic is electrochemical cells (which is fine) but your Research Question is How to make and test a Daniell Cell. A research question of this nature will limit your ability to access the criteria at the upper end of the achievement continuum. If you do something like this you are doomed from the start as

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