Chem Med Case

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Problem Statement: Chem-Med Company is positioned strongly in its industry to achieve high growth and earn large profits in the future, but it is in need of financing. To secure this financing, Chem-Med must address concerns of potential financers and investors regarding liquidity, efficiency, cash flow, and the need for funding despite apparent growth. In addition, Chem-Med’s primary competitor, Pharmacia, is out-competing the company and stealing valuable market share and sales volume with lower prices. Analysis: To understand Chem-Med’s problems, we must first look at the company’s liquidity and efficiency through the calculation of various ratios. Common measures of liquidity, activity, and profitability for ChemMed and its competitor…show more content…
Chem-Med is effectively converting its profits into operating cash inflows and by doing so the firm has almost enough operating cash to finance its investing outflows. There is only a very slight cash flow problem as investing outflows still outstrip operating inflows, but only by a slim margin. The firm also faces a problem in terms of efficiency in collection of debts. The collection periods for the firm for the years 2007 – 2010 are presented here. 2007 2008 2009 2010 As is evident, the firm’s ability to collect on Collection Period (Days) 53.24 61.15 72 80.87 its debts is actually decreasing in the future. Instead of increasing efficiency, the firm is decreasing in efficiency. Projected Growth In Net Income (2008-2010) 2008 2009 2010 10.8% 52.5% 49.4% Despite liquidity and efficiency problems, Chem-Med has a healthy cash flow and anticipates high growth. The projected year-to-year growth rates in net income for 2008-2010 are displayed in the adjacent table. As can be seen, the firm expects robust growth over the next three years and is therefore an attractive opportunity for investors. It appears, then, that the problems of liquidity and efficiency do exist and should be addressed. Chem-Med has a healthy cash flow and is only slightly deficient in operating cash flow, but because the firm is experiencing such robust growth, it is not entirely surprising that the firm has a high need for investing cash. Recommendations: Chem-Med’s most
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