Chemical Analysis Of Albian Heavy Synthetic Crude Oil

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Report I: Chemical Analysis of Albian Heavy Synthetic Crude Oil Cameron Hay and Adam Maienza 10-201: Chemical Engineering, Material Balance, Design Project – Fall, 2014 Abstract: The objective of this report was to analyze all of the components of the crude oil Albian Heavy Synthetic from the Athabasca Sands near Alberta Canada [2]. Recent articles about “exploding oil trains” [5] have prompted the reevaluation of transportation of crudes. In order to develop a safe way of transportation, assessment of Albian Synthetic Heavy’s chemical and physical properties must be completed. Physical and chemical properties are given were investigated through research of databases and mini-assays. The crude oil is a dark brown, viscous, highly…show more content…
Some of the quantitative properties include the density, specific gravity, viscosity, vapor pressure, and flash point. Some of the qualitative properties include odor, color, state, and flammability. In addition to discovering these properties through investigative searches online, a chemical analysis in terms of percent gram mole atoms is useful to those handling the crude oil. The main interest is in Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. Knowing these percentages can help determine the amount of air needed for a certain amount of the crude oil to completely combust, aid in vapor pressure calculations, and eventually the design of a transportation device for Albian Synthetic Heavy. These percentages would only include the combustible components of the crude oil, as noncombustible aspects of the crude oil would not play a role in combustion analysis. Determining the chemical composition of the Crude Oil in question and determining the C, H, and O percentages are the two main problems at hand in order to properly do a combustion analysis and prevent explosions during transportation of Albian Synthetic Heavy. There is a pressing reason as to why this report and its contents are needed. In March of 2014, M. Stern and S. Jones released through InsideClimate News titled “Too Much Propane could be a Factor in Exploding Oil Trains”. In the article, issues with rail cars carrying oil from the Bakken Shale formation in North Dakota and Montana

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