Chemical And Environmental Effects On Honey Bees

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A chemical is produced by the queen bee. It is a substance that prevents worker bees from producing new queens. However since 2006, there was been a Colony Collapse Disorder. (CCD) Where bee colonies that are affected by CCD can appear healthy, but then the adult bees disappear from the colonies. Apiologists (The scientific study of Honey Bees) haven’t found the cause of the CCD. However, the Environmental Protection Agency has reported problems with Neonicotinoids. Pesticides help the environment by increasing toxicity in honeybees, they also help the economically by treating crops, and soil treatments which is an increase in economic industry. The pesticide class neonicotinoids has been accused of being the cause of CCD. However the neonicotinoids…show more content…
However, it seems to effect Honey Bees. Neonicotinoids (pesticide) relied on large, unrealistic doses and gave bees no other choice for pollen. In 2008, Germany revoked the registration of the neonicotinoid for use on corn seed, after an incident of hundreds of honey bees nearby died. This however made bee keepers load their trucks and move around the country to pollinate crops. Growers’ payed bee keepers to bring honey bees to their fields to ensure pollination. Honey bees are biological indicators, meaning that honey bees health, reflects the general health of the environment. By using neonicotinoids, they harm bees by making them susceptible to fungus and mites. Which decreases the reproduction of Honey Bees. It effects honeybees economically and environmentally thought out the world,…show more content…
People in everyday life use pesticides, which include neonicotinoids that may be the cause of CCD. It makes bee keepers economically load their trucks and move around the country to pollinate crops. It also effects environmental health, because Honey bees are known to be biological indicators. However by using pesticides, it increases crop growth. It increases productivity and environmental growth, and decrease of risk of disease. However if chemists were to create a pesticide that would not harm Honey Bees, and help Honey Bee growth, it would be astonishing. It would create a world where we don’t have to worry about the effects of pesticides. It would help by increasing crop growth and treatments, such as treating soil to become rich. Honey Bees would increase and our crops would be pollinated and healthy. In order for us all, to create a pesticide that benefits us. Our first step is to go outside right now, and examine ways to reach our
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