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The Chemicals of the Super Bowl Cory Barnett HSM 320: Emergency Response to Terrorism Instructor Kelly George September 2, 2013 The Chemicals of the Super Bowl The Super Bowl, a prime place where thousands of people come to celebrate, party and get together with others for an exceptional good time. All it would take is for one terrorist attack to change all that in the matter of minutes. The amount of mass confusion and mass injuries that could happen would be completely on the terrorist’s side but just how easy would this be to complete? However, there is a plan in place for incidents like this and many more and I will be taking a look at one in particular, a chemical attack at the Super Bowl. The scenario is Hydrogen…show more content…
As more cyanide is absorbed, consciousness is lost, respiration decreases in rate and frequency, and seizures, cessation of breathing, and disturbances in heart rate and rhythm follow. After inhalation of a high concentration of vapor, seizures can occur within 30 seconds, and cessation of breathing and disturbances of cardiac rhythm follow. Death occurs in 6 to 10 minutes after exposure. (Maniscalco & Christen, 2011) Being that the Super Bowl security would be considered a Level 1 national security type of event, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) takes over security of the entire event. (Jessop, 2013) The FBI has operated a central Joint Operations Center (JOC) during the Super Bowl for several years now and it consists of many government agencies all in one center, therefore making communication much easier among all the agencies. Inside, there for many work stations for each agency and wall monitors that show surveillance camera views, television news broadcasts, Law Enforcement Online’s Virtual Command Center website that tracks security incidents and can be accessed remotely by any law enforcement member and other intelligence information. The list of agencies that would be involved just in the planning, let alone a chemical attack are as follows: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Defense (DOD), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms

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