Chemical Care of Household Products Essay

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Chemical Care Dangerous chemicals can be found in every corner of your house. If they are not stored or used carefully it can cause minor to life threatening injuries. However, if you use them properly there are considerably safe. What to do if an accident happens? Call 999 or the fire department, tell them what happened and the location immediately. Stay on the phone until they tell you to hang up. Stay away from the scene decrease the time you are exposed to the chemicals and reduces breathing in the chemicals.Some of the chemicals will set fire to or explode. Avoiding touching the chemicals and stay away from the chemicals. Avoid inhaling gases, fumes or smoke. If you can, cover your mouth with cloth. Stay away from the victims the…show more content…
Oil-based paint. Containing, organic solvents that can be irritating to eyes and skin, cracking of skin, oil-based paint is very dangerous.If it is inhaled headaches ,nausea , dizziness and fatigue will be resulted in .Frequent exposure of this substance can cause problems with blood, liver and kidneys. Safety tips: Open the windows and doors fully when you are painting. Keep a fan on as you paint and after 48 hours of painting. Make sure small children are kept away whilst painting. However, once you go out into fresh air,most of these symptoms go away . All purpose cleaners Contains ammonia where the fumes can irritate the eyes and lungs causing rashes or burns on the skin.Also it can cause extremely dangerous chloramine gas if it is mixed things that contain chlorine. Safety Tips: Never mix ammonia with chlorine/bleach this makes a gas that causes serious breathing problems and can be fatal. Contains sodium hypochlorite which is corrosive to skin and lining of nose mouth and throat the fumes are irritating to the eyes and respiratory system. Store in safe place and in an air tight container. Store away from children Keep sodium hydroxide away from your face and skin Avoid touching your skin when using the substance Insecticides Contains organophosphates and carbamates it can cause headaches ,dizziness , twitching, nausea and causes cancer in animals if
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