Chemical Castration for Repeat Sex Offenders Essay

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Chemical Castration for Repeat Sex Offenders Child molestation and sexual assault is an ever growing problem in the United States today, but an even bigger problem is that these pedophiles are being released after only serving as little as one quarter of their sentence. In California alone (at the time the bill was first passed), there was an estimated 680 individuals on parole for molestation and other sexual assaults including sodomy by force with a victim under the age of thirteen as well as child molestation with foreign objects. The practice of castrating violent criminals can be traced back to Germany in the 1930s, and throughout Europe. It has shown to be one of the most effective deterrents for sexual…show more content…
Chemical castration is a reversible treatment for those with urges to commit sex crimes, as well as those who have had a history of convicted sex crimes. This drug treatment helps to lower sex drives and decrease aggressive and violent tendencies. There are side effects to this drug just as there are for every other medicine on the market. Although it was not created for men, they suffer no extra side effects than the women. Chemical castration is an exceptional alternative to prison time or it works as a stepping block for integration back into society. It is a more cost effective alternative as well as being more efficient in correcting the problem as opposed to locking it up. With strict guidelines and continual use it can be the most effective course of action for sexual offenders today. Monitored chemical castration should be the only alternative to full sentence prison time for repeat sex offenders, and child molesters, unless he voluntarily requests surgical castration. “Sometimes the gangrenous toe has to be sacrificed for the well being of the rest of the body” UNKOWN. Chemical castration in short, is the suppression of sex drive through injections of anti-androgen drugs, one commonly known as Depo-Provera. Once every three months, the offender is injected intramuscularly with a concentrated version of Depo-Provera, which inhibits

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