Chemical Engineering Progression

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A multitude of people experience certain events in their life that causes them to pick a field of study. I, too, had a specific experience that encouraged me to interest in engineering. Computer skilled individuals might wish to major in computer engineering; some experience usage with chemicals, therefore they might prefer a major in chemical engineering. The only difference that places me apart from others is that music influenced me to carry out this decision into engineering. The clarinet, wonderful woodwind instrument, was the instrument of choice in elementary school . Ever since sixth grade I participated in the school band, which consisted of saxophones, flutes, trumpets, trombones, bass clarinets, and percussions. In eighth grade, the band played Kitty Hawk, 1903, composed by William Owens. Inspired by the 1903 flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, by the Wright Brothers, the song portrays more than simple notes.…show more content…
Beethoven and Ludwig pursued their careers in music for their love of it. The Wright Brothers pursued aviation as a result of their desire to fly and complete their dream. Even so, numerous individuals in the music world were inspired by other artists or a specific rhythm. My inspiration to pursue engineering came from , similar to a variety songs, the wish to tell a story. Engineering consists of being behind-the-scenes to create buildings, chemicals, biological discoveries, nuclear discoveries, aviation, and even space instruments. Needless to say, inspiration comes through whichever means, regardless if it is in that particular field. To tell the truth, I placed several hours of sweat and tears to refine an impeccable musical line or note. Regardless, Kitty Hawk and the clarinet, both gave me the will to discontinue one thing to embrace what I have been searching for: a way to impact the world through my hard work and
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